Our services reflect the needs of our clients, so they can focus on the essential part of their business.

We have a wide offer of services that addresses the needs and objectives of both small Start-ups and large organizations and multinationals.

Our approach is characterized by a proximity service that allows you to feel all the support of a motivated partner, for you to succeed.



Our specialized team in Accounting services dedicates itself to supporting its clients in their daily lives and to making them as efficient for tax purposes as possible.

Payroll Processing

We have qualified and motivated collaborators to perform tasks of payroll processing, thereby ensuring a full compliance of labour laws.

Human Resources Management

The employees of a company are its most valuable assets. It is essential that the Human Resources departments are capable of responding to the daily administration management requests of their employees.

Tax Compliance

Tax law is increasingly more complex nowadays, and its compliance is, in every time and circumstance, essential to prevent penalties.

Financial Consulting

Perfinco helps companies meet the challenges that lie ahead with greater assurance, by managing the underlying complexity of each business.

Tax Planning and Corporate Restructuring

We ensure our clients the safety required to manage their businesses, by supporting them with high-quality tax advice and supervision services, which limit the risk of irregularities or possible penalties.

Outsourcing (BPO)

With the outsourcing of essential but not vital processes to specialized outsourcers, it is possible to free more resources for key tasks within the company, to increase productivity and to save costs.

Individual Protection

Throughout our lives, we face many situations of concern to us and for which we need adequate solutions. At Perfinco Insurance, a company of the Perfinco Group, we address the main issues and problems that might arise.

Business Protection

Our company is usually our life project, the fulfillment of a dream, our own financial support and source of income. At Perfinco Insurance, a company of the Perfinco Group, we take special care of this life project of yours so that it may run smoothly.


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