Business Protection

Our company is usually our life project, the fulfillment of a dream, our own financial support and source of income. At Perfinco Insurance, a company of the Perfinco Group, we take special care of this life project of yours so that it may run smoothly.

We perform a detailed analysis of your company and collaborators’ needs, and we offer customized solutions.

We have solutions ranging from health and/or life insurance for all collaborators, through workplace accidents insurance, motor fleet insurance, facilities and business equipment insurance, to the most specific ones, such as environmental insurance, indemnity insurance, expatriate insurance, insurance for collaborators who travel frequently, etc.

We monitor the needs of our clients. Today’s needs are not the ones of tomorrow. We assiduously review our clients’ portfolio. We are always in touch with the latest novelties of the market so that we can offer them to our clients. In the event of an accident, we undertake a personalized accompaniment.

We have a wide range of solutions and all kinds of insurance at your disposal. We work with the most prestigious insurance companies operating in Portugal so that we can always provide the best option for your needs.


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