Individual Protection

Throughout our lives, we face many situations of concern to us and for which we need adequate solutions. At Perfinco Insurance, a company of the Perfinco Group, we address the main issues and problems that might arise.

When we ask ourselves what is the most precious asset we own and need to protect, do we actually know which is it? Is it the house, the car, the jewelry, the art collection, our life?

In the event of cessation or a drastically and permanently reduction in your income, as a result of a disease or an accident, is your family properly and financially protected?

What if you suddenly have a severe health problem whose solution is many thousands of euros away?

If you have a temporary incapacity (leave), will that substantially affect your income? Are you prepared for that temporary loss of income?

Is the pension paid by the government enough, later, when it is needed?

We address all these and other issues. At Perfinco Insurance, we go far beyond a simple insurance mediation: we undertake a study of your needs and advise solutions so that you can face your daily life in a smooth and confident manner. We select the best solutions for our clients, taking into account the protection of their ability to generate income.

We monitor the needs of our clients. Today’s needs are not the ones of tomorrow. We assiduously review our clients’ portfolio. We are always in touch with the latest novelties of the market so that we can offer them to our clients. In the event of an accident, we undertake a personalized accompaniment.

We have a wide range of solutions and all kinds of insurances at your disposal: Life, Personal Accidents, Health, Savings, Self, Multi-Risk, etc. We work with the most prestigious insurance companies operating in Portugal so that we can always provide the best option for your needs.


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